Kabbalah for Beginners

by Bnei Baruch, Laitman Kabbalah
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This book answers such key questions as 'Why are we here?' 'Why is there pain?' and 'How can we make life more enjoyable?' The book describes the emergence of Kabbalah and its prominent figures, the essence of the wisdom, and previously hidden revolutionary Kabbalistic concepts. Lastly, the book explains how we can make life better and more enjoyable.

The Power of Kabbalah: Thirteen Principles to Overcome Challenges and Achieve Fulfillment

by Kabbalah Publishing
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Our familiar reality is the physical 1 Percent Realm in which we live. Here we face challenges and obstacles 24/7. Yet there is another world called the 99 Percent Realm. According to Kabbalah everything we truly desire: love, joy, peace of mind, freedom, is available to us when we connect with this dimension beyond our five senses. When we reactively deal with our problems through anger, jealousy, fear, and insecurity we inadvertently disconnect ourselves from the source of lasting fulfillment. Imagine if we could use our difficulties as steppingstones to constantly access the 99 Percent Utilizing kabbalistic tools we can rise above the limitations of this physical world and make a connection to this highest source of energy.

The 13 principles found in this book are culled from teachings that are more than 4000 old. When applied, these principles can help us to remove chaos, personal struggle, and despair and reconnect us to a destiny of lasting happiness. This is the power of Kabbalah.

At first glance, The Power of Kabbalah seems like an overly simplistic spiritual instruction manual. The language and anecdotes are rabbi-style cozy and the format is exceptionally approachable: one-to-two-page essays. But read a few pages and you're hooked into an experience that immediately promises enlightenment (and eventually delivers it). Although the Kabbalah has its roots in Jewish mysticism, this non-dogmatic manual is applicable to all spiritual seekers. Like Wayne Dyer's bestselling book The Power of Intention, this is actually a book about manifesting the life you want through understanding the laws of spiritual energy and attraction. "To fulfill its giving nature, the infinite force of Energy created a receiver—-in Kabbalah it's called a Vessel," author Yehuda Berg explains. You guessed it, all of us earth souls represent the Vessel, and our spiritual task is to stop resisting the giving nature of Energy and let our Vessels fill up and runneth over.... This is an obvious choice for students of Jewish mysticism, but it's an equally appropriate book for anyone looking for ancient traditions to support contemporary spiritual discussions about the laws of attraction. --Gail Hudson

Kabbalah Centre to open first Texas location - Bizjournals.com

Kabbalah Centre International plans to open its first brick and mortar location in Texas this weekend.

The Kabbalah Centre Bookstore plans to open on Sept. 9 in Preston Valley Shopping Center. In addition to books, the bookstore will offer a series of lectures, classes and volunteer opportunities for current students and the public.

According to Kabbalah Centre...

Intention While Reading Kabbalah Books - 5 Minutes Of Light

bit.ly Dr. Michael Laitman discusses how to hold intention while reading Kabbalah books.

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    where can I download free books about Jewish Kabbalah or Information about this?
    this topic I am interested about reading books of Kabbalah from the Judaism.. or websites plz put it here the websites thankss the books maybe will content about meditations of Judaism, what is Kabbalah ect.. thanks for answering
    Southern Cat says:
    Please look at some of the web sites listed below. Hopefully they will answer your questions about Kabbalah. http://www.kabbalah.com/kabbalah/?cid=quigo&VT=sch...

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  1. Kabbalah Centre to open first Texas location
    Kabbalah Centre International plans to open its first brick and mortar location in Texas this weekend. The Kabbalah Centre Bookstore plans to open on Sept. 9 in Preston Valley Shopping Center. In addition to books, the bookstore will offer a series of
  2. Boing Boing Making the Book Talismanic: An Interview with Robert Ansell
    David Chaim Smith's work in "The Sacrificial Universe" is an example of how a "traditional" doctrine like the Kabbalah can inspire radical new perceptions and art forms provided it is truly imbibed within. Robert: Indeed, because what we see as
  3. Haaretz Documents and testimony obtained by Haaretz offer a close-up look at the ...
    The cost of the various events produced by Bnei Baruch came to NIS 3.9 million, while the printing of books and the broadcast of lessons on the Kabbalah Laam channel cost the foundation NIS 3.7 million. But income far outpaced expenses, leaving NIS 2.5
  4. Rabbi Laitman to Deliver Lectures in Kabbalah Congress in Israel
    Michael Laitman, who has famous for his knowledge in Kabbalah and who has written several books on ancient wisdom, is going to give lectures in an upcoming Kabbalah Congress taking place in Israel. RavLaitman is an international authority in Kabbalah
  5. hecklerspray A Timeline of Weird Celebrity Cults
    Rabbi Immanuel Schochet, a scholar of Jewish philosophy and mysticism, told the paper that the Kabbalah Centre is “not just a cult, but a dangerous cult. They are distorting kabbalah … taking some of our sacred books and reducing it to mumbo jumbo,

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  1. RT @kabbalahcentre: Many of our books are now available as E-books! Download yours now – http://t.co/bJp9rDrP
  2. RT @kabbalahcentre: Many of our books are now available as E-books! Download yours now – http://t.co/bJp9rDrP
  3. RT @kabbalahcentre: Many of our books are now available as E-books! Download yours now – http://t.co/bJp9rDrP


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  1. The World’s Leader: Israel
    We have learned that the force of t’shuva is perpetually at work, propelling all of life toward perfection. While the enlightenment of mankind is a gradually developing process, the day is soon coming when the wonder of t’shuva will capture ...
  2. Hayom Yom
    – Rebbetzin Chaya Mushkah Schneersohn (1901-1988), daughter of the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, when asked - in court testimony in the trial over the ownership of her father's library - if the library was the property ...
  3. "Miracles Happen" with past life regression therapy: author Brian Weiss in Miami
    The events are sponsored by Books & Books, South Florida's leading independent book ... as well as New Age beliefs and popular spiritual practices such as Scientology and Kabbalah. Modern parapsychology researchers have documented thousands of cases ...

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